2017 Summer Adventure On Wheels

. JAQCC Mobile Adventure Camp! A new spin on traditional summer camp. The adventure runs for 7 weeks with a potential 8th week based on interest. Confirmed dates are July 10- August 25. The week of August 28- September 1 is still up in the air. This is a mobile adventure camp, which means campers […]


Summer Adventure Camp 2016

A wise woman once told me, ”times a ticking so SEE and EXPERIENCE as much as you can. You will grow, you will appreciate and you will live life.” This Summer won’t be Summer as we know it! This year, Summer has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the premiere of Adventurers. This […]


Welcome to JAQCC Group

Welcome to JAQCC GROUP! The cutting edge group developed to be the number one source to your individual, family and business needs. We have wings designed to meet the needs of the parent and small business looking for reasonable prices and solutions to every day needs which will inevitably improve your quality of life! We […]