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JAQCC COVID-19 Shuttle Riding Procedures & Policies

1. Masks are now required for the duration of the ride on the bus for both drivers & riders.
2. Temperature checks will also be conducted at each boarding of the bus. JAQCC reserves the right to refuse a student with a temperature above 100.0 to board the bus.
3. Disinfectant: We use CDC-approved disinfectant (Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant) to wiping down bus surfaces. Each bus should is wiped down before and after each run, including the morning run, afternoon run and any special runs. Items to be wiped down include the entry handrail, the fronts and backs of seats and any hardware or accessories, windows, window handles and walls. In addition, wipe the exterior surfaces and hardware of the entry door as well as driver controls of the bus such as the steering wheel, mirrors, etc. We will also be using UV-C
light and UV-C air filtration systems.
4. Hand Sanitizer Stations for Bus Drivers and Students Install and maintain hand sanitizer stations in the bus entry. All bus occupants (students and driver) should be encouraged to utilize the hand sanitizer station upon entry to the school bus and again upon exiting the vehicle. Train all drivers on proper hand sanitizer stations for themselves and their students.
5. Signage and Student Education Prominently post signage indicating the proper method to protect others when coughing or sneezing on the school bus. In addition, all students should be properly educated in these procedures utilizing CDC guidelines.
6. Tissues access: Each of our bus have tissues available for students who cough or sneeze. In addition, a trash disposal station will be readily available. Students should be educated in proper disposal of used tissues. Dispose of tissues after each run as part of disinfecting the bus.
7. Driver Training: All drivers has receive training on proper disinfecting procedures for bus. These training procedures are per CDC recommendations. The training includes the following at a minimum.

• Proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques

• Proper use and disposal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Safe product usage guidelines (chemical safety)

• Proper methods to empty and dispose of trash. Sick Student Procedures developed by the school and shared with all drivers on how to handle a student who appears ill. This procedure should address the following:

• Identifying a potentially ill student.

• Developing a potential isolation zone for the bus when it arrives on campus

• Isolation procedures for all students on the school bus. Such procedures should correspond to procedures developed for classrooms. Driver Isolation All drivers, office staff and mechanics should be encouraged to keep a safe distance six feet if possible) from each other in the break room.

The driver should also consider establishing a buffer zone around him on the bus (i.e. no one sits in the front two rows if possible). Federal, State and Local Guidelines In addition to the above items, it is very important that you follow any guidelines and recommendations outlined by local and state or federal officials. We are continuing to monitor the evolving situation and recommend you follow guidelines issued by healthcare and government officials, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The recommendations above are our interpretation of the latest guidelines. For more helpful and up-to-date information regarding COVID-19, please visit our Pandemic Information Hub.
8. Please keep your student home if he/she has even the slightest sign of illness, even symptoms unrelated to covid19 and even if it is a suspected allergy. Being safe is paramount and much better than the latter especially with the knowledge of many carriers of the virus being asymptomatic.
9. We will ask students to spread out as much as possible. We will be operating at about 50% of our normal capacity. As such please limit the amount of luggage/ bags/ gear to the bare minimum and what is absolutely necessary. We are able to store in the truck also as much as can fit.
10. Please communicate with us. If your schedule is changing, if you are not showing up to a stop, all changes even if they are last minute, please let us know. We will do the same on our end.
11. Signing in and out systems have changed this year. Students will no longer be handed a device to input their personal pins. All signing in will be done by the driver manually.

BOX 1084 BOWIE MD 20718

PHONE: 410-618-1343

FAX: 443-378-8613


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